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Tick-Tock Clocks

October 11, 2010

To say my grandma really likes clocks is an understatement. One holiday my cousins and I decided to count all the clocks located in our grandmothers dinning/living room area: grand total 18. EIGHTEEN CLOCKS in a maybe a 20’x10′ space! Crazy!  Then a few days ago I was pawing  my way through her jewelery dresser and I came a cross a bag filled with over 20 Timex watches reaching back from the early 1930’s. WTF is up with her and time pieces! It’s obvious she has an addiction and why not fuel it some hip, updated clocks to add to her collection?



Worded Clock



melting clock




Owl Clock


These clocks would really round out her collection nicely. Especially the owl clock… she has an over-the-top collection of owl paraphernalia as well- but thats a post for  another day.




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  1. October 14, 2010 2:54 pm

    I love clocks too. Not quite as much as my partner. She wants to have a clock in her line of view no matter where she is in the house. Even though she wears a wristwatch. Nuts. Maybe your grandmother is like that. But I have to say I would totally be coveting those old timex wrist watches.

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