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Capes: need them, want one

November 17, 2010

Fall is a strange thing in Los Angeles. You really need to pay attention to really notice it.  The air is crisper and everything is a little greener because of the rain. The delay has finally hit and now I am in full mode fall weather clothes and my newest obsession are capes. I have liked them for a few seasons now and have made ill attempts at making one but with no real luck.

I love the how it’s all about the details. One is simple but the buckles give it a really nice edgyness that is unexpected with the soft muted fabric. Two is what got me started on this obsession – it uses the zipper detail well. It is kind of costumy in that Sherlock Holmes kind of way but I know it would be killer with some skinny jeans. Three really indulges me in my military fascination the gold shoulder details are really what sells it the plus : it’s made of cashmere.

Four doesn’t seem like it would keep you that warm but the nice light plaid would be great for chill days and could carry you to spring.  The detail of fives hood is really great. I love when major manufacturers take it an extra step and really sell the design. This is the most versatile and economical out of the bunch, I feel. Great color – detail and wear-ability with lots of different things. Decisions – Decision.



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