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New way to shop

November 18, 2010

Google is taking over the world- I’m not joking… that is what I believe.  Just launched today is a web-based shopping experience that helps you find rad items that you didn’t even know exist. You start with picking your style- don’t know it, no problem.  You are led through a series of image selecting pages- do you like high heels or low heels? What one picture of the amazingly dressed model more represents YOU? It’s fun, quick and you get your personalized style profile at the end. I was ‘Classic’ and ‘Street’… hmmm


This is an example of what your ’boutique’ looks like. The pics are interchangeable according to what you find inspirational at the time. You can follow certain trends or fashionable celebrities and then it gives a bunch of options of clothing that they might wear. When going through the selection you say ‘yay’ or ‘nae’ and it eventually learns what you are thinking. If you fall in love with an amazing pair of boots just click and it will take you to the site. No more crazy searching. It’s an interesting idea and streamline shopping/discover new designers but it’s just another thing to check and care for. My first follow was the fab Ginnifer Goodwin- mainly because I miss Big Love so very much.


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