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From Bridgeport to Beverly

March 13, 2011

Today is a meaningful day to many Southside Chicagoers. Today would have been the day of the annual Irish parade if it had not been canceled two years back for multiple reasons. My family was devestated by this news. In the 23 years of living  in Chicago (mostly Beverly) I may of missed the parade once due to extreme illness. Other than that you could expect the whole family to be dressed head to toe green standing in the freezing cold march listening to the South Side Irish song. Yes, we have a song. Click to listen. Because I’m a pro:

  1. Flask full of Whiskey (preferably Jameson) to keep you all warm inside
  2. Glittery stickers to put on every inch of skin you have showing
  3. Classic fisherman’s cable knit sweater. So cozy.
  4. Kiss me button. Everyone is Irish today!
  5. Fingerless gloves to make opening beers on the street easier
  6. Green hair dye. Head to toe was very much literal.

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