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Adventures with another Becky

March 16, 2011

Last Friday I took my first steps into my styling career. New friend, via Lavish, Becky Hill asked me to collaborate in a project she is working on. Though details are still top secret I wanted to share my new-found love for her and her work.  Admittedly I was a little nervous. The to-do list for the next morning helped me get very little sleep.  But my worries where soon put to rest when the camera started clicking.  Becky, with her great expertise, guided me without being overbearing or a know-it-all. Even at portrait time when my body became stiff and my smiles forced she used some tricks of the trade (nervous brides I’m assuming)  to get me laugh resulting in some amazing shots.

I have a weakness for stairs

Love the bright colors

One valuable lesson learned is the eye through the camera looks different then the overall. This may be fundamental to most but never working through a lens it astonished me that a vignette that looked good in the room suddenly changed once it was captured digitally. All in all it was an inspiring day. Sneak peeks and more adventures in styling  to come soon!


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