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Six Pics Weekend Edition July 22-24

July 25, 2011

1. Late lunch at Forage on Saturday night. Such amazing mac and cheese. To avoid a fork fight I got a bigger portion knowing that my man would eat some.  This little elephant watering gave the open space a touch of playfulness.

2. How cliché do my cats need to be? Came home to a ball of yarn destroyed all over the apartment. I guess their fun is all that matters.

3.  Enviable shoes from a new blogger friend. Eileen is so sweet and fashionable. Check out her blog, LA Lovetta !

4. Personalized friendship bracelets at a local street fair. Might have been more inclined to buy one if my name was spelled correctly!

5. Sunday afternoon eats at Pho Cafe. Not a big soup person in hot weather so opted for a cold noodle dish. So good! Fresh herbs, colorful plates and wise fortune cookie reading “Don’t let doubt and suspicion bar your progress.”  Fact: eating the leftovers right now.

6. Craft nights have been in full force in my household. I love sitting around the kitchen table, chatting and creating things with people I love. Recently, rubber block printing is so relaxing to me. It reminds me of cutting through butter: satisfying.

How was your weekend?

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