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Outfit Obessed: Oversize Aztec Sweaters

November 7, 2011

Sometimes you throw on an outfit not putting much thought into it and through the right mix of textures and styling it turns out fantastic! Not to blow my own horn or anything but just such an occasion happened to me today. Well, let’s back this up. Yesterday, at a dinner party I was introduced to a bunch of new fashionable, nice, creative women. This does not happen enough in  my life. Anyways, a few just happened to have some discarded clothing to share and boy did I clean up. Mainly with an oversize gray Aztec style cardigan. It was love at first glance.

Hardly able to contain myself I threw it on over a white tank, stretchy black pants and my new moccasins and ‘BAM’ and my autumn uniform was created. I love it because of the layering possibilities and it’s just cool enough in LA for a sweater but can easily transformed into a chic summer look when the sun comes out. Now to raid some thrift stores for some more Cosby type throw aways.

sweater, shoes, leggings 

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