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Nostalgic Holiday Decor

December 9, 2011

As anyone who loves to express themselves visually the holiday season is like Christmas. Well, it’s for christmas but anyways.

I love conceptualizing each years theme, creating new ornaments and putting a little cheer into every corner I can find (tastefully, of course). But this year I am so stumped.

Not having a ton of stock decor I am forced to go out and get new stuff and it just bums me out. Holiday decor to me is the memory that each piece brings. When it was gifted, how it was used. The story. I am a sucker for the nostalgic story. I know, in time these pieces now will have their own history but nothing is giving me any sort of inspiration.

Should I go retro, classic or super cute stylish. (hello, above!)

Blue and silver have been really catching my eye this year. Traditional red and green reminds me of cold and snow and home.

So there is where I will start. Keeping it fresh, fun and full of new memories. Thanks for letting me think this out. It is a pretty big deal.

Happy Weekend

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