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In board game heaven

January 13, 2012

Last night my mind was blown by a highly addictive, creative board game: Dixit. The closets thing I can describe it to is Apples to Apples with much better art. You are dealt a hand of 6 gorgeous scenic cards and on your turn you tell a story, sound or phrase about one of your cards. The trick is to have it be sort of vague but yet telling of the card. For example, my story for the top left card might be – “Am I mad?” in reference to him being a mad scientist of course.

After the story is weaved you place your card face down on the table. Taking that story the other players look at their cards and decided what of the 6 matches your story best, puts them face down. The cards shuffled and flipped right side up for everyone to see. Lastly- you have to vote on which one you think is the storytellers! TWIST! I mean- look at the rest of these cards. If the story is ‘Am I mad?” can you see how the other cards could be taken that way? crazy amazing, right? yes. crazy amazing. Then there are points given (still not exactly sure how they work) and then it’s the next persons turn to tell a tale with epic cards to match. So what do you think? Even if you hate board games ( I don’t know how that’s possible) you have to love the intricate detail of the art. Play Here.

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