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DIY Rue travel bag

June 19, 2012

I’m so excited to be sharing my first in-depth DIY with you! This fun little sack is meant for your dirty delicates while you travel. A must have for even a weekend getaway.  Let’s get started!


2 materials in contrasting colors

Matching thread

Leather string

Wooden beads

1. Measure and cut the material. Patterned 12.5″ x 16.5″, Colored 12.5″ x 18.5″

2. Patterned: With RIGHT sides together sew along the perimeter 3 sides (2 long , one short) leaving end open.

Color: With RIGHT sides together sew the 3 sides. On one of the long sides only sew 16″ then jump an inch and sew .5 inches at end. (see above)

You have just made 2 bags.  YAY!!

3. Flip bags inside out and slip the patterned bag inside the colored bag. RIGHT sides together. Making sure the edges line up.

4. Sew the bags together at the edges all the way around.

6. Now to flip it inside out. There is a hole (from where you didn’t sew the whole length of the colored fabric) that you grasp the patterned fabric and pull it all the way through so the seams are all on the inside. It’s a little tricky but keep at it!

7. Take the colored fabric and line the inside of the patterned bag. There will be a lip of colored fabric showing.  Sew around the edge of where the color and the patterned fabric meets. This will be the casing.

8. Take the leather string, attach it to a safety pin (or a skeleton key) and feed it through.

9. Add some wooden beads for some pizzazz and you’re done!!

Thanks to miss Anne Sage for bringing me on for the Rue Survival Guide. Check out more DIY’s from this months issue. Big thanks and love to miss jessica nicole for her constant inspiration and The Why We Love for amazing photos!

Oh..let’s do something fun: leave a comment to enter to win this handmade bag from the Rue shoot! Winner will be chosen on Tuesday June 26.

Please let me know if you have any questions!!

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  1. Liz R permalink
    July 23, 2012 6:05 pm

    Love this idea and the print you used!

  2. Linda permalink
    August 9, 2012 7:03 am

    Excellent post. the photos teach perfectly. Now let’s get over there to look at those cats…


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