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August 24, 2012

Okay.. I can pin point the moment when I officially felt like a full, well-rounded adult. It happened just earlier this week. The purchase of a coffee grinder and with nicer than trader joe beans to go along with it. Though neither of my parents drink coffee  the idea of making a strong french press to slowly wake me up while going over my day is a little slice of the type of lifestyle I envision for myself. One’s lifestyle is such an  encompassing idea that shapes your career, friends, how you spend your money and time. Just last night, having wine with friends, scheming over our next creative venture she brought the idea of no wedding gifts for her but a donation to their honeymoon or the film they are producing. The notion of creating a sustainable life. Less of things. More of memories, travel and great wine. To simplify and enjoy little moments, like a sun cat nap.

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