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September 5, 2012

It’s fair to say that if you asked about the majority of things in my house it would prompt me into an elaborate story of how it made its way into my hands. I rarely buy things new so it becomes a little difficult to curate a house to look like a whole and not like a free for all. But  then again, that’s half the fun.

Stories (well not the whole story, it would take far too long):

Photo 1: My nieces mitten I found in my coat pocket after returning from a visit to chicago.

Photo 2: Collection of red glass. Painted shaker from the Rose Bowl. Haggled my way to a great price.

Photo 3: The book was a childhood staple giving instructions on all sorts of forts, a photo strip of blondie cousins.

Photo 4: 20,000 years of fashion, old west and the parts of a house: mash-up of gifts and used store finds. No limit of inspiration.

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