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Wardrobe Deconstructed: LA heatwave

September 19, 2012

LA is known for its beautiful 70 degree weather and for the most part it’s a constant year round. There are a few things you can count : our only rain fall for the year around Feb, a gloomy haze in June and a short but intense heat wave end of August. This year has been odd: no june gloom and our heat wave is now approaching a two-week mark when in past it’s been about 3 days. I’m not necessarily complaining but am longing to pull out my boots/tights with no promise in site.

This outfit was constructed to give a break to my standard cut off and tank. The shorts have the best story. A woman who desperately needed to move was giving away anything you could carry from her vintage cave of an apartment. It was so amazing just to go in and shift through vintage Dior (that she kept). She told me that this particular garment were little boy bell bottoms from the 70’s! Even if they didn’t fit the pattern was too fun not to take. Thankfully they fit on top so I chopped off the bottom (to save for pillows) and made myself a fun pair of shorts; my cuban oxfords have become my everyday shoe, a fabulous thrift find; the gifted bright blue purse is a prized possession that adds the perfect pop of color if I got back to my default black maxi.

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  1. September 20, 2012 2:01 am

    I totally want to go thrift shopping now! It’s been to long since I’ve taken a dive into Clothing Warehouse and the many other vintage shops in Little Five. I’m with you on the heat, it was soo cool here yesterday morning but by noon it was already blazing again. Great outfit and story, thanks for sharing!

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