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tea towels… once again

November 15, 2012

Can’t get enough tea towels. I love the sketchy design of these Nell and Mary designs. The sparing punches of color really make my knees week. Admittedly I’m kind of obsessed and have been researching a lot of different types of towels in the past few days. A little thing on my bucket list is to have my own line of tea towels sold online or (gasp) in stores! It really doesn’t have to be anything big but stepping out of my comfort zone, being able to point so something and say ‘ I designed that!’ would make my world go round. I hope to have a little more info on this side projects (because one can never have too many) soon. Any tips on printing or manufacturing would be very welcome.


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  1. November 16, 2012 9:21 am

    well, let me just start off by saying that you have awesome taste in tea towels! I love Nell and Mary! their designs are geometrically amazing, their color choices are spot on, and are just super rad 🙂 you can always start small and do one design at a time…spoonflower allows you to create your own printed fabric for good prices…maybe start there? good luck!

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