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Record Collection: Christmas Special

December 22, 2012

merry christmas

something festive

charlie brown

I proudly admit that I LOVE christmas music. Every lyric is mumbled under my breath in company and belted out loudly in my car. A few months back the purchase of holiday music left me excited for the day after thanksgiving. The readers digest collection (5 double-sided disks!) of music has all the traditional churchy songs you could want.  An added nerdy bonus is the history  and cultural relevance of each song. For something a little more funky : Something Festive. Some very folksy/hippy covers of my favorites. And last but not least, my weakness anytime of year: A Charlie Brown Christmas. Sigh, my gift for our anniversary (note he HATES christmas music and I’ve listen to it about 50 times already). A quote on the back from composer Vince Guaraldi left an impact . ” The hardest task an artist faces is not just to achieve self-expression; that almost comes by definition even if it’s difficult to hone that self-expression into something good enough to be art”. 

On that note I’ll bid you a safe and happy end of the year. Hope you make favorable memories that will keep you joyful all next year.

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