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DIY: block stamp garland *hearts*

February 8, 2013

Heart Garland 1

No sooner are the christmas decorations put away then hearts and fat babies with wings start to encroach into every aspect of living. From stamps to pinterest. Growing up in Chicago, February was the worst month of winter, it seemed. Sun setting by 3 pm. Frozen door locks. Valentines day was a little ray of hope into the upcoming spring and hopes of romantic gestures as I got older. This year I wanted to reach out from my couple bubble to remember others in my life that needed a reminder of how much I love them. Recently my grandma has not been doing the best. She was moved into assisted living and there is no doubt she misses her owl collection and her fabulous wallpaper so I decided to make her some festive decorations for her new digs.

Heart Garland 2

Block stamping is something that I have not experimented with since high school and I must say it’s a long-lost love. Scrapping out tiny pieces of linoleum into a giant heap is an amazing stress reliever. *tip: use a blow dryer to soften the tile helps a lot.* The design for the stamp was inspired by some German wood carvings that my grandma (Gramillie) own. Washed some watercolors in different shades on some durable paper, some hard fist stamping = something pretty flags to for a garland.

finished galrand

The prints turned out in no way perfect but I am very pleased with the outcome. Go make your own lovely stamps.

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