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late night home decor project

February 11, 2013

before and after

Picture this if you will: it’s 12:30 am last Saturday night I was struck by a creative lighting bolt that needed to have an end product. So I grabbed my staple gun, some fabric I’ve been holding on to forever and concord these bar stools that had been scratched to death by the cats. Note; 1: these stools are not my favorite thing in the house 2: they belong to my roommate 3: i would paint them if i was allowed. All that being said I’m extremely happy with this 20 minute project. Instant face lift. By why have I waited so long to do this if in fact it was this simple? It’s a good but frustrating lesson in procrastination.

 rally braids

Speaking of unfinished projects: How do you keep yourself refreshed and inspired? My inspiration is so fickle that even if I shift the wrong way in my chair it could be gone. Then I’m stuck. Searching the internet. Wasting time. There are a number of different projects I am midway through. My current favorite is my ‘ in front of the TV’ project of braiding strands of leftover fabric (from blogshop) in hopes to sew it into a rug. The cord is about 9′ long, plus it makes a great cat toy. Then the mood will change and back into the canvas tote it goes to be hung in the closet for another day.

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