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7 up series

February 12, 2013

financial times

‘Give me a boy until he is 7 and I will give you the man : the main theme of a documentary series I’ve been devouring on netflix recently. 7 Up started by interviewing a dozen or so seven-year olds in/around london in 1964. All from different upbringings. Questions varied from their political/class views, what they think of their schooling and what they are planning for their lives. It’s fascinating  To meet up with these people every seven years (it’s still going) to see how much they have changed and yet not at all. Are we really who we are from the age of 7 in a very basic way. Our laughs, our mannerism. Who were you at that age that you see now? Think about it. I have always been quite and shy. Love watching interactions of friends. Am an introvert at heart and truly value my ‘me’ time. Things have not changed for me. Check it out.

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