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Wandering thoughts

February 20, 2013

pattern 2

Have you ever experienced a week where you are offered a project or a job in a field that you don’t want to be in? For instance, I was offered a management position at an opening coffee-house. Promising better pay, stable hours and possibly health insurance. Am I a fool for turning it down? Yes- I am amazing at latte art but I don’t want to work at a cafe for the rest of my life.  Simple as that. Just as I don’t want to be a DIYer/seamstress. I want to design and leave the construction to an artisan. It’s not like I’m saying ‘no’ without employment. On kind of the same token if a job is presented to me in the interior design world (where I want to be) but it’s not exactly my taste or style would it be wise to take it? In the time where it’s all about being who you really are to attract followers why would I then go and design what isn’t ‘me’. Being the true Libra I am I must think about the flip side. A common train of thought is the zone outside of your comfort is where the magic happens. That any step in the direction I want to go will only help me. So why not start something that will lead to new perspectives and experiences.

So… there’s that. I have no answers for myself and am not expect any from others. Oh, and the print is something I distracted myself with this afternoon. I’ve had a drawing tablet forever, never really figured it out. The pattern is inspired by my favorite mug.

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  1. February 21, 2013 8:10 am

    interesting thought process…i have to agree with you though. whether it be stubbornness or something else i would feel the same way. i love what i do + i feel as if everyone else should, too. so to turn down a job that doesn’t excite you, doesn’t challenge you, and doesn’t motivate you to be a better designer shouldn’t be taken. cool post 😉

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