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Record Collection: Music for the Morning

March 1, 2013

morning music front

morning music backI’m sure you’ve picked up by now that I am not a morning person. My schedule right now is that I stay up very late (3 am) and then try to get up before 11 am because of my job. Trying to take more control over sunlight hours I’ve been trying to coax myself into getting up earlier listening to ‘Music for the Morning’; a rousing mix of upbeat classical music from Beethoven,  Mozart and some other memorable tunes.  It really gets your heart racing. The art was really what drew me to this participial record. You know your typical morning breakfast table with your toothbrush reading the paper, razor and lather brush that is being tied down by the chair of the toothpaste? What? Also that sexy key making tea for all of them. Just… why… how… I must say the wallpaper is really amazing.

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  1. March 1, 2013 3:25 pm

    wow! this album art is so rad 🙂 i totally agree with you on all that…sounds like a cool collection, too!

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