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Off to the mitten

April 3, 2013






me and bru

Well, it’s finally here. I am boarding a plane (for the first time in a year (!!!)) for Detroit tomorrow to visit with my mans Parents, brother and brothers girlfriend (how many years does it count to make it girlfriend-in-law?). It’s an understatement to say I’m excited. Family bonding time in Bruno’s childhood home, chilly weather and just some new doses of inspiration. Though my visits to Michigan have been sparse I have always had a good time. Everything is so fresh and green. The abandoned buildings, though tragic, are beautiful works of old school architecture. I mean- how can you beat a wedding in the old Ford mansion  Dinner held in the paved over pool room? The last pic is from that night. It makes me want to dye my hair really dark. I could pull it off, no? Now with my last minute packing in full swing I contemplated taking my computer but was reminded that we are going to be having so many adventures and good food for computer time. I agree. I am detaching myself from this machine and blog and going to enjoy my vacation. Be sure to check out my instagram, Rebecca_Bee, for my social media fix.

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