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Creaking floors and drafty windows

April 30, 2013


katie in studio

Life always seems to be two gears: 1. the warm up, leisure time for day dreaming and catching up with friends. Always secretly hoping for new projects to come on. Getting one self organized for when you slowly transition into a new routine. Then there is 2. the crazed zone, a blur of days where you don’t know how you got everything done because you don’t really remember doing it. When one week passes of not seeing a favorite person and it feels like a lifetime. Does the happy medium exist? May isn’t even technically here and yet it is solidly booked. Okay- It may seem like I’m complaining… but I’m not. I’m simply taking a moment for perspective and realize that the cool down zone will come too soon.

Yesterday was a rare night where I finished my work early and could spend some time on making my business better. I took to my little studio with a drill and level and put up a curtain rod on the best photo taking/afternoon light wall possible. Why a curtain rod? Well to make/sew cool backdrops for little vignettes of course. Having my own creative space is amazing but am always dream of the day where I have an industrial space: creaking wooden floors, drafty windows, exposed beams. Katie, a freelance painter, studio is just my style. Light filled and roomy. Want to see more? Check out Katie’s blog but also more about her studio on A Beautiful Mess.

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