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Nature Inspired: bernese mountain dog

May 14, 2013


Los Angeles gets poke fun of for many things but small dogs in big designer bags is one of the most true, kind of annoying one there is (in my opinion). Don’t get me wrong I like dogs just generally not ones I am afraid of hurting if I pet them to hard. To my great pleasure and surprise (for being downtown) I met a full-grown regal Bernese Mountain Dog this past weekend. *note: the pic above is not the dog I saw but who could resist a puppy pic?*Β  He was gigantic! Sitting tall and proud in his striking black brown and white coat. What a perfectly balanced color scheme. The brown not being to dark to really offset the two other extremes.

black brick

blackwhitebrown interiorTwo different ideas of the same vision. The black brick in the first picture defiantly makes for a moody office but really allows the beauty of the wood to be the focus. Granted the white in that space is being cheated a bit being only in the papers but a nice fresh piece of art work would really add dimension to the wall. The second image has a lighter hand with a copious amount of white leaving the black to play a lesser role. Even when the hue is used it is very faded.Β  A bold patterned kaftan dress would look amazing with the contrast of the black and brown with pops of white. Oh- the dog’s name was Loo, just in case you were wondering.



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