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Lake house lusting

May 28, 2013


Summer. The time bookmarked between two 3 day holiday weekends. The time where I pull out my summer smelling sunscreen (it’s odd to smell of a coconut in the middle of december) and day-dream of long twilight walks, white wine and fire side conversations with friends. The starter weekend of the splendid season didn’t miss a beat. A cabin on the lake getaway was the highlight. Why a lake when the ocean is so much closer? Who knows. Maybe it’s the midwest in me but a lake has more secluded magic for me. My happy place- if you will.



Not only have water front locations been on my mind but anything with a nautical flair has been on my wish list. Anchors seem to be everywhere! No?!? I indulged just a little bit and purchased this amazing scarf on etsy. The sketchy illustration of the ships won me over. I had to buy it before posting it here so it wouldn’t get scooped from me. ha.

image 1, 2, 3 and etsy shop filled with other scarfs

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