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My thoughts on creativity.

July 8, 2013


I believe that creativity is a muscle. That when not used often or harness in the way you desire it becomes harder to get it to perform how you would like. In school my sketch book brimmed of doodles, lyrics, plans… ideas. At times it was hard for my hand to keep up with my brain. Now it just isn’t there when I want it to be. Perfect example: last week I met up with a photographer to chat about future collaboration and asked me my opinion. What I wanted to do. Where I saw this going and I could only sit there. Trying to mutter a decent idea. What is the matter with me? This is exactly where I’ve been trying to get. To work with someone I respect with all creative chops on the table to produce amazing things. So I gave in. Left my chores for another day. Pulled out old magazines, markers and paper and gave into myself. Listened to the same 5 songs. Letting no idea go unnoticed. They are not all good because they shouldn’t be. This is going to be a regular thing. One can hope, at least.

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  1. July 9, 2013 1:28 am

    That creative muscle will be toned up in no time. All it takes is the realization it’s gone slack and a few attempts to get it back and you realize it’s still been there all along, just was a tad bit forgotten! Great picture and a great post because every artist is there at some point and it’s a reminder we’re not alone 🙂

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