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Printed pencils

July 15, 2013


Childhood memories are a funny thing. Some are distant and dreamy with no real base.  While others are packed with such detail you can remember the taste of your lip smackers. Today I had a flashback moment when seeing these printed pencils. A scene of my grandpa (whom I named Bimpa) hunched over a machine making personalized pencils/napkins/cards to order. Putting in one object at a time, reaching for the handle and bringing it down swiftly to mark the special message. I would sit and watch him for hours begging him to let me help. When orders were slow I was allowed to make funny sayings on mistake pencils. Let’s just say my art box was full. Now to say he did this just because is a lie. My family owned a balloon store (if I haven’t already told you) and this was just a perk of a ‘mom and pop’ biz. All hands on deck to keep it going. I love that I was reminded of this today. It makes me treasure and want to think more deeply on my balloon store memories. Maybe even write them down in some sort of short story form. Now I am just getting carried away.

This group of 6 pencils represent Jackie O. Who do you identify with? See here.


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