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I brake for furniture

July 30, 2013


Yesterday was just one of those days. Where you feel overwhelmed by everything and no one will fully understand what you are going through. Driving home at the end of the day I had set plans of eating ice cream for dinner and sulking on the couch but then it all changed. My upstairs neighbors had piled unwanted furniture on the curb ready for picking. I spied a beautiful mid-century queen sized headboard with retracting cupboards. Prefect. I wasted no time hauling my new treasure into my bedroom then to step back and feel like the room had a total makeover. Such a simple thing made the biggest difference. On all those different levels. Taking a survey of my furniture I realized that the majority has been side-of-the-road picked from over the years. And it’s all pretty great, not 100% exactly what I would have chosen but all free. This cedar chest above for example. Mint condition cast off that I paid a homeless man $5 to help me load it in my hatchback. The point of my rant: spaces/people take time. It’s the collection of stories and things that make it all come together in the end. You may ask why there is no picture of the headboard. Well, that would mean I would have to make my bed and style it. PLUS the lighting in my room is terrible. And another thing, this photo was from one of my first ever styled shoots. Looking back I kind of cringe but have learned so much since.

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