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Outfit Obsessed: oversized dress

August 13, 2013

bag dress


karen walkerThe evolution of ones personal style happens naturally with age, income or drastic climate change. Until high school I wore my Catholic uniform everyday then to only change into my leotard and tights in the evenings (i was a hardcore ballerina). High school and college was a great time for me to experiment but had limited funds resulting in a lot of thrift/vintage finds. What am I saying college and high school?!? It really still applies today. My point is: vintage clothes have a defined waist. Especially garments from the 50’s and 60’s which I gravitated towards. But times, they are a changing. My new office mates are not so into the retro look and I’ve become inspired by the different shapes/textured outfits they have been showing up in.  To call them sack dresses seems a little harsh, I would say they are more oversized. Leaving room for arms and legs to be highlighted and they also look damn comfy, yet chic. Now, I have yet to actually wear one. That could be the game changer. I may fall under the pressure of old habit and belt it up.

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