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DIY Sleepy Fox Mask

August 15, 2013

fox mask what you will make  copy

One very important thing I’ve learned from my grandma is a 20 minute nap can change your day. So I decided to make a sleeping mask for those bright afternoons on the sofa that is just my right kind of cute. May I present the sleepy fox mask.

materials needed

Short list of needs: different colors of felt, thread, elastic and a pattern. To make sure your mask is symmetrical, draw only half of the face making the middle the ‘fold on fabric’ line. Draw a rough sketch, assign different layers for the felt and draw a pattern. Don’t spend to much time on this. I alway go back and trim as I go to make the face the way I want it.

materials cut out

Trace and cut! Don’t forget to fold your fabric.

fox step 3 4 5

First place the ears and cheeks behind the face piece. Sew along the edges of where they meet. Trim any extra. The lashes really gives this critter life. Play around with different configurations. Then sew them on.

Second: pin your new sewn face on the one of the bases, pin the nose on top. Sew down the nose.

Third: Measure you elastic to the size of your head. Pin one side of the elastic between the full face and second base, sew all layers together. Put your mask over your face to get the right length of the elastic. Pin and sew elastic  on the other side as done before. SO now you have the elastic sew on either side. Now sew all the outer edges shut. I only sewed the top of the head and down the sides. His cheeks are detached, which I like. You will get double stitch lines in some parts. Work it whatever way works for you. It’s mainly to scare people off when you are trying to catch some Zzz’s.


Case and point of the sleep mask in action. My loving man  snapped this of me the other day, fully enjoying my mid-afternoon cat nap.

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  1. August 16, 2013 10:07 am

    Woo hoo! So clever and such a cute result!!

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