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A trip to chicago and back

September 25, 2013

bellWell, this last month has been a whirlwind. Including an increase of hours at Crafting Community (the big event at ace hotel is next week!), my boyfriend going off the grid for a week at burning man but a trip back home to Chicago that had major anxieties attached. Going back to where you grew up and went to college is genuinely really fun. You get to catch up drinks with friends, visit old haunts and just fall in love with the city all over again. This visits main focus was to be a bridesmaid to my BFF since the age of 8 and was it fun. Admittedly I was nervous about seeing a lot of peers and their parents I hadn’t seen since grade school (my girl scout leader was there!) but after a cocktail or two friendships from my youth fell right back into place. Like not a year had passed. It really reminded me of how great a close-knit community is and how much I miss being able to see these people on a regular basis. Below is a little snap shot of my accessories for the evening. I kept it classy with my grandmas pearls and red channel lipstick.


The other big, emotionally draining thing I needed to do was visit my grandma in her new digs at a nursing home. It was wonderful to see. Got all the gossip about her new suite mate and gentlemen friend. On the flip side, it was very overwhelming not to see her in the same good health as when we last saw each other. On top of coming to reality with mortality I was asked to go through some of her things and bring back whatever I could fit. Note that I have great sentimental attachments to objects. I don’t see them as things but rather stories to be told over and over. Diving into boxes I was overcome with childhood memories that brought me to tears. What does one do with all of these pictures of people long gone? The christmas decor that made every holiday throughout the years? Spend a fortune shipping my grandmas vintage sewing machine across the country because I can’t deal with the fact that it is going to goodwill? sigh. I pick and chose my most favorite things: a fabric owl wall hanging she made, her thimble collection, some photos of my grandparents at our family cabin and a bell that looks like an old lady. My aunt was so amused that I took the bell. She really has no memories surrounding it but it brings me back to my grandparents round table where I sat making dozens of painted noodle necklaces. With trips over I hope to get back into the general flow of life and the blog. We shall see.

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