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crafting community

October 21, 2013

hotel room

A few weekends ago I went, I concord & am just now recovered from an intense weekend at Crafting Community. An event the company I work for has been busting our arses off in preperation for the last few months: a bonding weekend away at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs where family and friends enjoy a jam-packed schedule of crafting workshops lead by amazing artist, swimming and whole bunch of play.

necklace now

My main focus was to help everything look pretty and effortless. Unloading boxes from trucks, setting up crafting tables, getting sidetracked  little ones back to their mamas. But after the hard work comes the play. From the 13 or so workshops I was assigned to assist Cathy Callahan in her tassel necklace making (the colors where amazing!) also Yellow Owl Workshop custom rubber stamps. I couldn’t have asked for two more inspiring, funky, creative ladies to be paired with. Both so passionate about their craft and excited to teach. Of course I walked away with several creations of my own. What better way of teaching than by example?
me eating pizza

After the first day of crafting was done I could not stop smiling. My insides, my soul, could have burst happiness. Anne snapped this pic as I sat devouring pizza curb side, beer at the ready proudly wearing my handmade treasures. It’s a funny image but in truth; this is ME at my purest and most centred. Crafting, teaching and being in an environment that allows for creative collaboration is where I thrive.  It took that weekend, rather that day to really understand myself fully. Does that make sense?
girl smile booth

Not only did I have a mini life realization I got in some serious bonding time with my studio/work mates. They are pretty much the best.


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