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so this is 30

October 31, 2013

ME with balloonsJust over a week ago I took the enviable step out of my 20’s and into a new decade and it couldn’t have gone better.The Saturday before the actual birthday (tuesday) drinks were had at Edendale- an old firehouse repurposed into one of my favorite brick structures in LA. The night was a perfect flow of friends coming in, catching up then giving into my demand for a photobooth strip solo with everyone. We ended up with 20 strips total. Tuesday was no less grand. My desk was decorated with triangle garland & pom poms. Plus the gift of a rad ghost balloon really made happy to be in the moment. Enjoying everyone celebrating the day and not thinking about the gloom & doom of what birthdays sometimes become for me.


‘Have your goals or outlooks changed now that you are 30?’ a wise question asked by my man. The answer is mixed, honestly. My goals are similar but more refined over the years of learning.

In the next decade I plan to:

  • Get serious about my creative passions. Really delve into what the brand of Bee of Design is, learn some business type… stuff.  Have a clear plan.
  • Be a stylist and/or creative director for a major magazine, catalog and artist that I admire.
  • Start a family. It’s crazy to me that it will happen sooner than later. No timelines, mind you. terrifying and thrilling all at once.
  • Travel. In California. In the states. All over the world.
  • Upgrade & purge dishes, cups and blankets. If it’s chipped or ripped it’s getting the boot.
  • Most importantly get on top of my general well-being. Like getting health insurance. Going to the doctor. All those sorts of grownup things.

What I have learned in my 20’s:

  • That I really enjoy and need alone time. Not only to recharge but take a moment to step back & see all of my blessing. Also not to have any guilt about it.
  • All relationships have their ups and downs but true friendships will prevail over a silly misunderstanding or lifestyle change. More so, it’s okay that people grow apart. Love the time you had & only have good vibes towards them.
  • To cherish the friendships that do last. Make time for them. Let the people know how much they mean to you. It’s a priority that will have long-lasting benefits.
  • Being nice will help you in all facets of your life.
  • That I have an amazing partner crime (not to brag). Bruno, my man, is one of the most thoughtful, gracious, no bull shit people around. I’ve learned bunches from him & strive to tell him everyday how much he inspires me.
  • Working to stay close with your family is hard when everyone is scattered across the country but is very important to me to maintain.

Um… ya. There is a bunch more but who has time for that? Thank you for all of your support, for reading my self discovery & remember my motto: always wear sunscreen.

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  1. October 31, 2013 3:22 pm

    awesome 🙂

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