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the pefect day… what’s yours?

November 19, 2013


‘What is your perfect day?’ was a question purposed to me the other day that stop & made me ponder. Right off the top of my head I rattled off lavish dinners, long walks, exploring new cities… the usual. But those activities, while grand, are not for the everyday. They would become mundane, no longer special. But what is my perfect everyday is becomes a little more complex. There needs to be the right mixtures of creativity, socializing, alone time – sprinkled with boring chores & mandatory kitten cuddle with kisses from boyfriends. Is that really so hard to ask for? Sometimes it really seems to be impossible. But when those rare days happen, the perfect storm for the perfect day, it is magical. I hold it dear.



A couple of days stick out in my mind that are going to be hard to beat. One was a few months ago when I helped style a look book for Barrington Blue with Kate Miss as the photog. (Speaking of Kate Miss, she just launched her Winter/Spring Jewelry line & it’s amazing). The highlights of this shoot include: the gloomy weather, getting to meet vintage textile lover Carrie, snoop into her magical house located in the hills, work with pillows/home decor, make friends with the local cat & generally bounce ideas, laugh and enjoy these talented ladies company. Plus the photos turned out beautifully.


Another happened just the other day. Again, I lent a hand to Jessica of Bramble Workshop set up her sun print DIY for DesignLoveFest and had a first peak at The Unique Space DTLA. More so then the shoot my day was a great balance of seeing my man, working on my own site & listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas vinyl about 12 times (it’s my day! I’ll do what I want!). Yes, those days are farther apart then I wish at the current moment, I know that it is there. Something to strive for. Not that my current life/work is bad in the slightest – why not strive for perfection?

An artist or maker? Let’s do your look book! photographer let’s shoot something!

Photos by Kate Miss

Pillows & Stools by Barrington Blue

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