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leather wallets

November 21, 2013

Tan walletIf you didn’t know by now; I like making things. Be it a last-minute skirt, changing up my throw pillows or just helping someone else out I need to keep my hands busy! One night just before Halloween I was watching my man (helping from afar; trying not to take over his project) put together his skeleton felt halloween costume when I decided at that moment I needed to make a wallet out of some blue leather that was around forever. Why make a wallet a few glasses of wine in at midnight? Who knows why inspiration hits when it does. Anyways, a few trys later I had a functional/snazzy new wallet that I was quite proud of. In the following days my new accessory got some compliments I wondered if I could make a new little side business around something I loved doing. With some wise words/encouragement from my man I set a goal, took a leap, bought the materials, bruised my hand from all the hole punching, enlisted friends for photos & got them all up on etsy. Whew. It was a whirl wind of a project but am proud of myself for seeing it through.



Gold paint made an appearance one night. Hours went by as let myself go buzzing all the way (I buzz when I am deeply focused on a project).ย Doodles on one. A cross pattern on another. I was really pleased at the way they turned out. When gifting for my own family and friends I always love telling the story of where it came from or what the artist was inspired by. It makes the exchange more memorable.


So go check them out! Please! They are great little gifts for your moms boyfriend or bestie. Thanks for your support! Bee of Design Etsy shop



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