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a book daze

January 8, 2014

reading books

January 6th I assured myself would be the day 2014 would kick off. My routine would be set: coffee, exercise, emails, crafting, walk, nap, general creative collaboration, work, etc. I had a plan. It was a good one. Well- that idea went down in a tunnel of tissues and honey tea. I got sick. Stayed in bed. Watched everything I could imagine. Where do you turn then? Reading. Truthfully I am not a reader by nature. If the story doesn’t hook me right away I’ll pass out book in hand, glasses still on before the first chapter is over. BUT on the rare occasion I do dive into the plot it’s the only thing I want to do. Currently I am deep into the world of ‘Little Women’ a first time read for me. The Winona Ryderr/Kristen Dunst/Claire Danes movie of the 90’s is a personal Christmas favorite and being a thoughtful boyfriend he gifted me a used copy of the book as a spring-board for a new years goal. A struggle for me is feeling lazy indulging in this very exclusionary hobby. Do you ever feel that way? Should I just get past it?

Other books that have held my attention include: ‘The 19th wife‘, ‘Loving Frank‘ and The Little House series that I read in completion last summer in about 8 weeks. Any suggestions? I really love books that have some historical fact mixed with fiction.

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