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a photogenic friend

January 31, 2014

girl  and her camera You know those days that start off just as any other but then through a slow trickle of not-so-pleasant events makes you want to sit in your bedroom, alone, without even a kitten to cuddle you? Yes, it has been one of those days. Nothing crazy tragic happened: my iphone shattered and my cat poop in my shoe (you can see why I don’t want to cuddle her) but I did get to relive a shoot I did earlier this month. The concept was simple my friend Claire has amazing style, a beautiful home and is beyond photogenic so how could one pass up this perfect storm design storm?


The photographer, Andrew Roque really turned out some magic. This was the first time collaborating with him and I loved it. He is so very charming and really thinks about my suggestions while putting his own spin on things.

claire 3



Recently, person whom I admire a great deal encouraged me to be more of a content provider. To get my hands dirty either with other creatives or by myself doing mini shoots. The more you do it the better you will become. I really want to do at least one shoot per month. To get my creative muscles moving again and to stop thinking so much about it. Just make it happen.

Check out more from this shoot on my portfolio:

Then head over to VIA: an art, music, culture publication where Claire is the Creative Director.

Further more go see more of Andrews stunning portraits.


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