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creative monday dinners

February 17, 2014


Being a creative freelance is hard. Not ground-breaking news, I know.  But recently the idea of creating in my studio solo sends me in a lonely spiral that is hard to break. I want to be inspired, to talk out ideas, to grab a slice of $2 pizza if the mood strikes;  generally be around people I feel comfortable with to share my creative thoughts and get the collaboration train rolling. I mean, who doesn’t? Thankfully, I’ve started making dinners every monday with an amazing, diverse group of ladies hosted in an ever inspirational loft/warehouse downtown LA. There is no pressure. No specific time to show up. No frill. What I find really fascinating is the lack of social media that surrounds these gatherings. I am usually the only one that pulls out my phone to get the perfect shot of the vegan biscuit dessert accompanied with coconut whipped cream (SOOO good!!).

Honestly, this post isn’t to boast but to simply encourage comradery and respect for fellow creatives/makers/humans. To let your walls down, have an open invite and to let the magic happen naturally.

Oh… and I am super pumped about a shoot that we are cooking up. Stay tuned!!

photo above of the adorable pup that comes along with the dinners.

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  1. February 17, 2014 11:16 am

    wow, that sounds awesome and what a great place to seek inspiration and motivation! good for you 🙂

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