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DIY: fiber art wall hanging

February 19, 2014

DIY fiber art There is no work of macrame, fiber art or weaving that hasn’t had me swooning recently. Maybe its knowing the amount of time and love that goes into every knot or maybe I am really a hippie at heart. Be it vintage or contemporary; I want it all. The only problem is finding the right piece for the space before it’s on someone else’s wall. Well, as I do, I took to my own devices and made a fiber art wall hanging for myself. The inspiration came from a prized piece of Disregarden‘s rental collection. No amount of begging to my dear friend Jessica could persuade her to sell. materials What you will need:

  • 1/2 inch nylon rope cut into 6 x 25″ pieces
  • 3 colors of bright yarn with a metallic color of choice
  • Plastic grid cut 2.5″ tall and 3.75″ long
  • Needle with a big eye
  • Fabric glue (not necessary but helps keeps yarn in place while wrapping)

how to   How to make:

  • Start by cutting your nylon rope into 7 x 25″ pieces
  • Thread your needle with the first color yarn, about 10″ from one end and thread through. This will leave you with one short strand on one side and the rest of the spool on the other
  • Start wrapping yarn around towards the middle part of the rope for 5 inches.
  • When you have wrapped 5 inches fold the rope over at the center and continue to wrap the thread around the both pieces of rope
  • Add different colors of yarn as you wrap down the rope. Starting the same way, by threading the yarn through the rope, wrapping it for a few inches
  • End each color by knotting of the yarn around the rope and snipping the ends
  • Leave 4 inches of rope unwrapped at the bottom
  • Repeat on all pieces of rope keeping the color blocking the same on each piece

Fiber Wall Hanging DIY - Bee of Design

  • When all the rope is wrapped, stitch pieces onto plastic canvas at the top and bottom
  • Tie a piece of yarn across the back of the plastic canvas so you can hang it on the wall!

Fiber Art Wall Hanging DIY - Bee of Design What do you think? I really love how vibrant the colors are, they really pop in the space of mainly wood and neutrals. The plastic canvas reminds me of the old ladies at my childhood church who would make tissue box covers out of it. Have you ever seen that? Maybe the next DIY? Hmmm… ha.

DIY and styling by: Rebecca Buenik

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  1. February 20, 2014 7:07 am

    simply love it!

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