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beach day

March 18, 2014

Bee of Design

Last weekend my boyfriend family came into town. Now, I have a question. How long do you have to date before they become ‘boyfriends parents’ and more like in-laws? My man and I have been together for Β 7 years… so I think the time has come. The fam came in from New York & Detroit respectively and we did our best to show them our version of LA.

Bee of Design

Bee of Design One day we took everyone up to Malibu to see the ocean and to eat fresh seafood at Neptune’s Net. To be honest, going to the ocean is a rare for us. We are east side LA people plus the sun and I really don’t get along so well. It was so fun capturing moments between my man and his family (the pic above is of him and his papa).

Bee of Design

Bee of Design

It was so nice to get out of the everyday routine and not feel guilty about it. Nature does so much to shake up your creativity. It was a nice little break but now I am back into the everyday grind.


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