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Just two things… promise

December 29, 2011


Are not these photos gorgeous? I adore the texture of the green painting next to the vibrant blue chairs, the sheer architecture of the lofted space and the miniature staircase on the desk. (I have a thing for stairs) All from CPI Studio via Head over Heels


I started a Tumblr account: Bee Transformed. The name reflects how I take in the world around me, being inspired. The need to share my point of view in the everyday moments. So please, go check it out, follow it if you will. Also, if you have an account, please share with me. I also love seeing inspiration from another point of view.

And since I promised only 2 things a P.S. I did a little face lift to the blog. Flexing my graphic design (not very big) muscles. I do enjoy the small changes though.

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  1. December 31, 2011 10:46 am

    I love that large scale green paining too – reminds me a little bit of Mark Rothko. happy new year!

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