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spring flowers

March 20, 2014

Bee of Design

Bee of Design

Spring is in the air… can you feel it? To celebrate the new season I wanted to share with you a shoot I styled for the Vintage Table Company’s new website.

Bee of Design

Bee of Design

Bee of Design

Bee of Design

This all white table top really makes me want to run to the store, fill my house with all sorts of flowers and throw a fancy dinner party.

Bee of Design

Photographer: Becky Hill

Flowers: Recycled Love Story

Stylist: Rebecca Buenik

beach day

March 18, 2014

Bee of Design

Last weekend my boyfriend family came into town. Now, I have a question. How long do you have to date before they become ‘boyfriends parents’ and more like in-laws? My man and I have been together for  7 years… so I think the time has come. The fam came in from New York & Detroit respectively and we did our best to show them our version of LA.

Bee of Design

Bee of Design One day we took everyone up to Malibu to see the ocean and to eat fresh seafood at Neptune’s Net. To be honest, going to the ocean is a rare for us. We are east side LA people plus the sun and I really don’t get along so well. It was so fun capturing moments between my man and his family (the pic above is of him and his papa).

Bee of Design

Bee of Design

It was so nice to get out of the everyday routine and not feel guilty about it. Nature does so much to shake up your creativity. It was a nice little break but now I am back into the everyday grind.


how to keep organized

March 6, 2014

Bee of Design

Organization isn’t my strong point. There, I said it! It’s not that I don’t crave the look of a well-kept house but all the pencils, yarn pieces and never-ending crafting supplies it becomes hard to keep it all straight. Plus, I very much an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ type of individual. That’s why it when ever the ‘cleaning process’ starts I end up starting and then abandoning a half-dozen projects from the treasures long-lost.

Bee of Design

Bee of Design

Bee of Design

My sort of solution? Lots of fun vintage mugs and containers to hold everything neatly but in plain sight. Sorted in some degree. All colored pencils in one, all little annoying sewing pieces in another. It’s not a sound science but it has been working.

Bee of Design

Canvas totes have also become a go to of mine. I stuff them full of all the materials, inspiration and started projects then hang them in the closet for easy access. This also allows for making on the go- either it be a friends space or simply my sofa.

say hello to pyper

February 25, 2014

Stylist: Rebecca Buenik / Photographer: Kimberly Genevieve

Stylist: Rebecca Buenik / Photographer: Kimberly Genevieve

Pyper026 copStylist: Rebecca Buenik / Photographer: Kimberly Genevievey


Hello all – I would like you to meet Pyper America from Next Management. She was certainly an energetic little sprite in the studio with photographer Kim Genevieve and I. Taking every opportunity to work whatever prop she was handed. She was a treat to style.

Model: Pyper America

Photographer: Kim Genevieve 

Hair: Jenny Calderon

Makeup: Tanya Bures

Stylist: Rebecca Buenik

DIY: fiber art wall hanging

February 19, 2014

DIY fiber art There is no work of macrame, fiber art or weaving that hasn’t had me swooning recently. Maybe its knowing the amount of time and love that goes into every knot or maybe I am really a hippie at heart. Be it vintage or contemporary; I want it all. The only problem is finding the right piece for the space before it’s on someone else’s wall. Well, as I do, I took to my own devices and made a fiber art wall hanging for myself. The inspiration came from a prized piece of Disregarden‘s rental collection. No amount of begging to my dear friend Jessica could persuade her to sell. materials What you will need:

  • 1/2 inch nylon rope cut into 6 x 25″ pieces
  • 3 colors of bright yarn with a metallic color of choice
  • Plastic grid cut 2.5″ tall and 3.75″ long
  • Needle with a big eye
  • Fabric glue (not necessary but helps keeps yarn in place while wrapping)

how to   How to make:

  • Start by cutting your nylon rope into 7 x 25″ pieces
  • Thread your needle with the first color yarn, about 10″ from one end and thread through. This will leave you with one short strand on one side and the rest of the spool on the other
  • Start wrapping yarn around towards the middle part of the rope for 5 inches.
  • When you have wrapped 5 inches fold the rope over at the center and continue to wrap the thread around the both pieces of rope
  • Add different colors of yarn as you wrap down the rope. Starting the same way, by threading the yarn through the rope, wrapping it for a few inches
  • End each color by knotting of the yarn around the rope and snipping the ends
  • Leave 4 inches of rope unwrapped at the bottom
  • Repeat on all pieces of rope keeping the color blocking the same on each piece

Fiber Wall Hanging DIY - Bee of Design

  • When all the rope is wrapped, stitch pieces onto plastic canvas at the top and bottom
  • Tie a piece of yarn across the back of the plastic canvas so you can hang it on the wall!

Fiber Art Wall Hanging DIY - Bee of Design What do you think? I really love how vibrant the colors are, they really pop in the space of mainly wood and neutrals. The plastic canvas reminds me of the old ladies at my childhood church who would make tissue box covers out of it. Have you ever seen that? Maybe the next DIY? Hmmm… ha.

DIY and styling by: Rebecca Buenik

more DIY posts here

copper pipe is here to stay

February 18, 2014

copper detailCopper piping has been making its way through decor, diy’s and interiors the past few months, have you noticed?

copper closetTo me, it adds a touch of ‘old design’ to a modern space. Really giving texture and warmth. How clever is this hanging open closet to display your favorite pieces by Wide Eyed Legless? I could see this in a kitchen space for tea towels and other such things.

copper wall lightThis DIY from Claire, via Camille Styles inspired me to buy a rod of copper and cutter and make something for myself (hope to share my DIY creation soon!)! The ‘clink’ of the freshly cup copper piece hitting the cement was ever so satisfying. What do you think of this trend? Will it go into extinction like chevron or hold true like classic black and white?




creative monday dinners

February 17, 2014


Being a creative freelance is hard. Not ground-breaking news, I know.  But recently the idea of creating in my studio solo sends me in a lonely spiral that is hard to break. I want to be inspired, to talk out ideas, to grab a slice of $2 pizza if the mood strikes;  generally be around people I feel comfortable with to share my creative thoughts and get the collaboration train rolling. I mean, who doesn’t? Thankfully, I’ve started making dinners every monday with an amazing, diverse group of ladies hosted in an ever inspirational loft/warehouse downtown LA. There is no pressure. No specific time to show up. No frill. What I find really fascinating is the lack of social media that surrounds these gatherings. I am usually the only one that pulls out my phone to get the perfect shot of the vegan biscuit dessert accompanied with coconut whipped cream (SOOO good!!).

Honestly, this post isn’t to boast but to simply encourage comradery and respect for fellow creatives/makers/humans. To let your walls down, have an open invite and to let the magic happen naturally.

Oh… and I am super pumped about a shoot that we are cooking up. Stay tuned!!

photo above of the adorable pup that comes along with the dinners.


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