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copper pipe is here to stay

February 18, 2014

copper detailCopper piping has been making its way through decor, diy’s and interiors the past few months, have you noticed?

copper closetTo me, it adds a touch of ‘old design’ to a modern space. Really giving texture and warmth. How clever is this hanging open closet to display your favorite pieces by Wide Eyed Legless? I could see this in a kitchen space for tea towels and other such things.

copper wall lightThis DIY from Claire, via Camille Styles inspired me to buy a rod of copper and cutter and make something for myself (hope to share my DIY creation soon!)! The ‘clink’ of the freshly cup copper piece hitting the cement was ever so satisfying. What do you think of this trend? Will it go into extinction like chevron or hold true like classic black and white?





creative monday dinners

February 17, 2014


Being a creative freelance is hard. Not ground-breaking news, I know.  But recently the idea of creating in my studio solo sends me in a lonely spiral that is hard to break. I want to be inspired, to talk out ideas, to grab a slice of $2 pizza if the mood strikes;  generally be around people I feel comfortable with to share my creative thoughts and get the collaboration train rolling. I mean, who doesn’t? Thankfully, I’ve started making dinners every monday with an amazing, diverse group of ladies hosted in an ever inspirational loft/warehouse downtown LA. There is no pressure. No specific time to show up. No frill. What I find really fascinating is the lack of social media that surrounds these gatherings. I am usually the only one that pulls out my phone to get the perfect shot of the vegan biscuit dessert accompanied with coconut whipped cream (SOOO good!!).

Honestly, this post isn’t to boast but to simply encourage comradery and respect for fellow creatives/makers/humans. To let your walls down, have an open invite and to let the magic happen naturally.

Oh… and I am super pumped about a shoot that we are cooking up. Stay tuned!!

photo above of the adorable pup that comes along with the dinners.

a photogenic friend

January 31, 2014

girl  and her camera You know those days that start off just as any other but then through a slow trickle of not-so-pleasant events makes you want to sit in your bedroom, alone, without even a kitten to cuddle you? Yes, it has been one of those days. Nothing crazy tragic happened: my iphone shattered and my cat poop in my shoe (you can see why I don’t want to cuddle her) but I did get to relive a shoot I did earlier this month. The concept was simple my friend Claire has amazing style, a beautiful home and is beyond photogenic so how could one pass up this perfect storm design storm?


The photographer, Andrew Roque really turned out some magic. This was the first time collaborating with him and I loved it. He is so very charming and really thinks about my suggestions while putting his own spin on things.

claire 3



Recently, person whom I admire a great deal encouraged me to be more of a content provider. To get my hands dirty either with other creatives or by myself doing mini shoots. The more you do it the better you will become. I really want to do at least one shoot per month. To get my creative muscles moving again and to stop thinking so much about it. Just make it happen.

Check out more from this shoot on my portfolio:

Then head over to VIA: an art, music, culture publication where Claire is the Creative Director.

Further more go see more of Andrews stunning portraits.


wood & cork

January 28, 2014

bee woodturned

I am like a proud mama bursting at the seams over my friend’s wooden & cork wood-turned goodness sale on One Kings Lane. May I introduce the bubbly, ever fun Melanie Abrantes. She never ceases to have a smile on her face, a new colorful vintage dress or lack of energy. So happy to have a genuine creative woman in my life making high quality goods that are simply beautiful!

miss. thangHonestly, isn’t she the cutest? {photo via her instagram @prancingllamas}

cork cake stand, lovely wooden, bowl & lid, bud vase, apron


Outfit Obsessed: white chuck taylors

January 21, 2014

white chucksNormally, I am a ballet flat & boot type of girl. Sometimes I will throw in a pair of heels but when you already have the height (being 5’8″) comfort beats out inches and any sort of sneaker hasn’t made its my way into my wardrobe in years. But this spring I felt a change was in order and went with classic white chucks.

dress and converse

winter style wc

slochy sweaterThey make every outfit so effortlessly chic with a great mixture of preppy-ness & grunge. Granted converse come in every color imaginable but there is something so fresh about white.

white chucks me

Wearing them really bring me back to my high school days. Hats are really making a big appearance in my daily style lately.



ain’t nobody got time for that!

January 17, 2014

blog time

In times of transition it’s hard find time to make a schedule/routine. Since the New Year I have gone into full-time freelancing for prop styling/interior design/ wallet making and I could not be happier. Allowing myself to get lost in creative thought while walking around, reading magazine or meeting new friends. Days filled with overlapping projects that I jump into with no looking back to the mess I have made, ha. I’ve decided that ‘when I’ve made it big’ I will hire a cleaning service to come, maybe twice a month, to tie up the loose ends of dusty shelves & smeared windows. Maybe some of you think I should dream bigger to that I say I would hire a chef as well.  But when it comes down to it I would rather put energy into my creative pursuits & relationships then do the dishes. What do you just don’t have time for? What would be your ‘WIMIB’ wish?

ART  found via The Artful Desperado

a book daze

January 8, 2014

reading books

January 6th I assured myself would be the day 2014 would kick off. My routine would be set: coffee, exercise, emails, crafting, walk, nap, general creative collaboration, work, etc. I had a plan. It was a good one. Well- that idea went down in a tunnel of tissues and honey tea. I got sick. Stayed in bed. Watched everything I could imagine. Where do you turn then? Reading. Truthfully I am not a reader by nature. If the story doesn’t hook me right away I’ll pass out book in hand, glasses still on before the first chapter is over. BUT on the rare occasion I do dive into the plot it’s the only thing I want to do. Currently I am deep into the world of ‘Little Women’ a first time read for me. The Winona Ryderr/Kristen Dunst/Claire Danes movie of the 90’s is a personal Christmas favorite and being a thoughtful boyfriend he gifted me a used copy of the book as a spring-board for a new years goal. A struggle for me is feeling lazy indulging in this very exclusionary hobby. Do you ever feel that way? Should I just get past it?

Other books that have held my attention include: ‘The 19th wife‘, ‘Loving Frank‘ and The Little House series that I read in completion last summer in about 8 weeks. Any suggestions? I really love books that have some historical fact mixed with fiction.

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